Transcribed: Widow’s Walk – Rick Margitza



This solo has all of the things that I like about Rick Margitza. There’s a lot of great melodic inside playing, material built off of upper structure triads, and a strong display of fluency in the altissimo register. I actually learned this solo 6 months ago, maybe longer, but I just got around to writing it down. I spent a LOT of time playing this slowed down to 50% (even down to 25% sometimes!) in Transcribe! It was the only way I could have possibly gotten the 32nd-note double-time stuff down.

A couple of notes for practicing/performance:
The solo goes up to altissimo D (D4). I decided to write this all with ledger lines and not use 8va.
There are a couple of harmonics in the solo. They have a ° sign above them. Finger the bottom note and sound the top note.

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One thought on “Transcribed: Widow’s Walk – Rick Margitza”

  1. Thank you very much for the transcription! This song was brought to my attention when my high school jazz band teacher pulled a beautiful Dan Gaily (UNC) arrangement of this song. I’ve been working on this transcription for some time now and so far have gotten through all the fingerings. I am now trying to get the articulations on the 32nd note runs in the second half down. Anyone have some advice?
    Thanks again,

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