Transcribed: Hank Mobley – Cattin’

Here is Hank Mobley’s solo from Cattin’ from The Jazz Message of Hank Mobley, Vol. 1. Cattin’ is a 12-bar blues in Bb. On Hank Mobley’s and Donald Byrd’s solos, there is a 16-bar tag added at the end. It’s 14 bars of a G pedal (F concert) It lands on C (Bb concert) on bar 15 and sets up the break for the next soloist to begin. There is also a measure and a half solo break before the beginning of the first chorus.

I really enjoyed learning this solo. There were a lot of little twists and turns that were revealed in the process. Hank Mobley superimposes some other chords over what the rhythm section is playing in a number of spots. For example, measures 9 and 10 of the first chorus could be interpreted as | Dmin7 / Eb7 / | Abmin7 / Db7 / | played over Dmin7 – G7. There are also cases of tritone substitution in bars 8 and 10 of the second chorus. There are a couple of other things in there too, but I won’t ramble on and risk being too pedantic.

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