Transcribed: Diggin’ On James Brown

I recently began playing tenor saxophone with a Tower of Power cover band. This isn’t a style of music I have a lot of experience playing, so I decided to transcribe a few solos to get a better handle on what the guys in TOP were playing. The first solo I transcribed was the studio version of “Diggin’ On James Brown” from Tower of Power’s Souled Out album. The solo was played by David Mann.

The solo is very short – it’s only 8 measures plus a pick up. The note choices are pretty much all inside the changes and there’s a strong sense of groove and melody. As notated below, the entire solo is 8va. The trill marked in the next to last measure is played with the right hand E side key. I’ve also included the time code below the first system. The solo starts at 3:01 on the recording. You can click on the solo to see an enlarged version.

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6 thoughts on “Transcribed: Diggin’ On James Brown”

  1. Thanks for the transcribe of James Brown! I can listen to that over and over and never get tired of listening to the horns!!! Now I gotta go put it on the stereo. It’s ashame my wife and kids are home!!! Thanks again! Love the blog got here from SOTW.

  2. You can click on the solo to see an enlarged version.
    Where is the solo ?   –  Transcribed: Diggin’ On James Brown             Thanks

  3. Jozef,
    The solo should be there now. The embed code I used when I wrote this post 4 years ago doesn’t work anymore, so I had to update it. It should be there now. Cheers!

  4. Great solo! good job! It’s a pitty that i can’t print it… I want to transpose it to play with my trumpet in my own coverband in the Netherlands!

    Greetings Niels

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