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The 4th Law of Practicing


A few months ago, I wrote a post called The 3 Laws of Practicing. After reading a great book recently, Deep Work by Cal Newport, I’ve decided that there’s another “Practice Law” that can have a real impact on the quality of the work that happens in the practice room.

4. No multitasking.

No Facebook. No Instagram. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No email. No texting. No web surfing.

While each of the above examples serves a purpose in our digital toolbox, none of them are useful during a practice session. The truth of the matter is that the messages and notifications we receive from social media et al. rarely require immediate action on our part. As such, there’s no real need to attend to our digital lives when we’re in the shed.

The real problem with multitasking is that it takes us away from the work we are trying and wanting to do. When indulged while we’re working, the distractions presented by our digital lives prevent us from achieving the level of depth necessary to make meaningful progress in our practice. Ultimately that translates to us maybe doing the work, but not work at the level we are truly capable of doing.

When I apply this “law” in my own practice sessions, that means putting my phone on silent and closing the web browser on my computer. If I’m really intent on avoiding the kinds of interruptions that give way to multitasking, I’ll shut my phone completely down and turn the wi-fi off on my computer. I would shut my computer down as well, but I use a couple of apps in my practice (Transcribe! and Metronomics). These are all things I did before I read Deep Work, but that book really hammered home their importance.

You can find Deep Work here:
Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Transcribe! is now $39!


In my last post about Seventh String’s free online metronome, I mentioned that they also make the great Transcribe! software. You can use it to open music files and manipulate them in different ways. You can highlight areas, as in the picture above, and loop them, slow them down, speed them up, adjust the pitch, or transpose to a different key altogether.



I use this software as part of my practice everyday and have found it to be a great, easy to use tool. Until now, Transcribe! has been sold for $50, but the price has just been lowered to $39.

Seventh String Online Metronome – Use it, it’s FREE!











I just wanted to share a great online resource I found the other day. Seventh String, the same company that makes Transcribe! (awesome transcription software), has a free online metronome on their site. You can set it for tempos from 34-250 bpm (beats per minute). The interface is pretty cool, too. It gives you a number of ways to use and interact with the metronome.


Seventh String Online Metronome