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Play-Along with Gerald Clayton on Strasbourg/St. Denis

Here’s a recording I made of myself playing along with Gerald Clayton’s piano solo on Strasbourg/St. Denis from Roy Hargrove’s Earfood album.

There are a few times in the solo where Gerald plays multiple notes at the same time in the right hand. I did overdubs with the saxophone to try to cover all of that.

Here’s a rundown of the gear I used to record this:

DAW: Logic Pro X
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Microphone: Cascade Fathead II with Lundahl transformer
Plug-ins: Eventide Ultra Channel, Apple Platinum Verb

Spots Available for Skype Students


I have 5 spots available for saxophone students who would like to study via Skype. I specialize in helping students who want to:


  • Produce a beautiful, professional saxophone tone
  • Get more out of their practice time
  • Develop greater facility
  • Clean up their technique
  • Learn music theory and apply it to the saxophone
  • Transcribe songs and solos
  • Begin their journey of saxophone playing (young students or adults)


If you’re interested in improving your playing in any of these areas, please contact me by clicking here. The rate is $50 for a one hour lesson or $30 for a half hour.

Please act now to secure your spot in my online studio.

New video: Moksha with Peter Apfelbaum, Jen Hartswick, and Skerik!

Here’s a video from the Moksha gig on Friday at Las Vegas Country Saloon. This is from Christian McBride’s “Technicolor Nightmare.” Jen Hartswick’s on trumpet, Peter Apfelbaum and Skerik are on tenor, and I’m playing bari. Enjoy!