Transcribed: There Will Never Be Another You – Woody Shaw



One of the first transcriptions I posted on this site was Kenny Garrett’s solo on There Will Never Be Another You. It comes from Woody Shaw’s “Solid” album. I’ve always liked this record since I bought it, but I had never learned any of Woody Shaw’s solos until now. It’s cool to see the different ways Woody plays outside and how he resolves those lines. I also enjoying seeing how clear and deliberate each phrase was. As a listener, I had the feeling that, at the end of each phrase, Woody Shaw waited until he was ready with a strong melodic idea before playing again.

As always, I used Transcribe! for learning the solo. This time around, I found a really cool feature. You can slow your selection down to whatever speed you’d like and export it as a .wav file. It will play at your selected speed and you can choose the number of times the selection repeats. Really cool stuff! After exporting the file at half speed, I put it on my iPod, kept it on repeat in my car, and sang along. That really helped me get a good feel for the time and articulation.

The solo was, of course, originally played on trumpet, but it is playable on tenor in one of two ways.
1. In measure 20, beginning on the E on beat 2, play the rest of that phrase up an octave, and then play the rest of the solo as written.
2. For a good altissimo workout, play the entire solo up an octave. This is what I did and it doesn’t get too crazy/awkward aside from measures 16 and 17.
3. Trumpet players – Please forgive me if there any idiomatic trumpet devices (half-valves, etc.) that I didn’t notate. If you see/hear anything like that, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll make any necessary changes.


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