Where’s Eddie???

I haven’t written a post in a LONG time. I suppose there are a number of reasons for that.

I’ve been practicing a lot. I’m taking lessons and my teacher has been giving me a lot of work that takes a lot of time to get through (at least at first). I’ve had a really great time studying and I’m getting a better idea of where I am and what I have to do to get to where I want to be. Although, it’s frustrating at times, overall it’s a joyful experience and I feel like I’m making progress.

I’ve been in physical therapy. My back is jacked from years of playing with poor posture and also from tweaking my back while moving a king bed up a flight of stairs when I moved into my current place. That’s been going well and I’m learning a lot about the bad postural habits I have while playing, how to be aware of them, and what to do to help correct those habits.

I’ve been thinking a lot about music, but haven’t gotten to the point where I can really clearly articulate those thoughts (although that hasn’t stopped me in the past!). Being a freelance musician puts you in a lot of different playing situations and has the benefit of helping you be more versatile, but it can also obscure your ideas of what you’re trying to achieve as a musician (and human being).

I feel like the blog has been kind of pedantic and when stepping back from it, I feel like I need to do a LOT more work before I can even think of being an authority, expert, master, guru about anything. With that said, I have some exercises I’ve written for students I might share in the future if there’s any interest.

Hopefully, I can get back into the groove of writing more regularly and sharing my musical journey with you.