Transcribed: Rick Margitza – Change Up Melody

This melody blew me away the first time I heard and every time after that. I finally decided to sit down and work it out. On the recording, the Tenor 1 part is played the first time through. This is followed by 4 measures and then the melody is stated a second time with the Tenor 2 joining in. Except for the second note, the Tenor 2 part is a major 3rd below the Tenor 1 part through the entire melody. It creates a nice, augmented kind of sound. You’ll hear in the recording that the piano and bass are playing only the root and 5th of each chord. That openness helps to avoid muddiness with the harmonically and rhythmically dense melody. After the 2nd statement of the melody, the bass starts walking and the piano takes a more traditional comping role.

This tune can be found on Rick Margitza’s Color album. It’s currently out of print and can be a little tough to find.

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